Sportsman Escape Game

Sportsman Escape

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The neighborhood where Johnny lives is a place filled with athletes but even though Johnny himself was only a novice, still he knows a lot of sports. He supports his neighbors too so that the prides of their neighborhood will be elevated. That day, Johnny was even going to help his friend who was really good at cricket, for he doesn't have a ride and that day he is going to compete for the local cup which can potentially bring him as well as his team to the nationals. Johnny of course agreed to this for he had already been asked a week ago, but little did he know he was going to do something more there which was bigger than just being asked for a ride.

Johnny was able to get to his friend's house on time so he called, but there was no response and it was weird, he should be in his home and he had arrived in advance so there is no way he had left first, and of course he would have sent a message initially. Little did he know his friend was actually trapped in his home and Johnny only found that out when he entered the house 10 minutes later! Johnny was dumbfounded why though and on his important day too, maybe he got too excited? Well whatever the reason is he needs help there, and he'll definitely give him a hand. Escape players, care to join Johnny here and be his extra hand as he gets his friend out of the premises?

Sportsman Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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