Leftover broken equipment litters the room in Shiny Schemes Escape game.

Shiny Schemes Escape

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Abandoning the factory is inevitable because of a gas explosion in the 50s. Mr. Roy Medina is a foreman of humble origins and alerting everyone is the right thing to do. When the owner insisted on adding a dangerous process to the plant’s operation, which he protested, he knew things are heading for the worst. Thanks to him, everyone was safe. Now, almost 90 years old, he can still remember making the call that saved the workers. Receiving an invitation through mail, his grandson offered to take him to the factory’s 50th anniversary. Mr. Medina is guest of honor as the very first foreman of the said factory. Arriving at the location, he and his grandson could not believe it. There is no party but an abandoned factory.

Shiny Schemes Escape is little escape find and escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. The goal of the game is to obtain 10 shiny schemes, then exchange them to valuable blueprint and escape from this abandoned location. Good Luck!

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Walkthrough video for Shiny Schemes Escape

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