Secret Space Station Game

Secret Space Station

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A secret space agent works on a secret space station. Not many people get a chance to work as a secret space agent. Only a few trustworthy and intelligent person like you can work on a special mission. Your mission is not to study about the moon or the whole galaxy. But your mission is to study about the aliens. There is an alien inside the Secret Space Station and your job is to interrogate this alien. However, no one should find out about this secret. You are the only agent who's in duty tonight but what you did not know is that the alien waited so long for this moment. Since you are the only one on the station, he is sure that he can handle you.

He used his powers to escape from his cell and he is now after you. You have to find a quick way to escape from the Secret Space Station. You can't ask any help from anyone because this might reveal the secret. In this case, you must use your logic to escape. Roam around the Secret Space Station and find clues that can help you to unlock the door. This brand new point n' click room escape game is made by 365 Escape, Have fun!

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