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Space Station
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You spent ten years of your life becoming an astronaut. A terrible incident prompted you to enter the program to explore the space. You've had your heart broken for so many times. You felt like you can't move on. It seems like you've lost everything including your will to live. Then you saw an advertisement on an internet site. At first you thought it was just a joke. Still you went through all the procedures. You simply didn't care anymore. Scams and death didn't bother you anymore. So you move through the processes without any fears. You went through a lot of difficult training. But you never thought of giving up once. You'd rather be hurt and bruised than feel nothing at all. And that was all you felt. Everyday you were groaning in pain but didn't stop.

The superiors saw how determined you were. They saw how much you wanted this. You just worked very hard for death. But death can't knock on your door. And to space you went. Your mindset changed and you were looking forward to be home once more. But you have to find the exit to the space station first. Play Space Station room escape game by 365 Escape.

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