Secret Mission Escape Game

Secret Mission Escape

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Clyde was on a very secret mission into a secret base which was suppose to be an unknown one for everybody, but not every secret place stays a secret though and at times there will always be a mole, that eventually led to the deployment of Clyde there and now his mission on gathering information there begins. The secret base is quite wide and there are a lot of things to be aware of and at the same time, an operative must keep his head low and not attract too much attention. That's all good, but every plan doesn't always goes well and for Clyde unfortunately, he tripped an alarm deep in the complex and that alerted the entire base for an intruder!

It is now time for Clyde to leave for he knows there will be a rundown of everything there even the employees and he will definitely get caught when that happens. Escape players, Clyde has a new mission now and that is to escape from the base with haste. Will you join him and see if your skills as well as your logic be enough for the escape? Ready yourselves then and be clever.

Secret Mission Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Selfdefiant.

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