Kitty Rescue Game

Kitty Rescue

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Patricia's kitty just escaped from her house and it ran into the forest ever so quickly without a clear reason! She was dumbfounded why it happened, was there an earthquake coming or something? There seems to be no signs of anything in the house that can make her run. Well whatever that was, Patricia must still try and get her kitty back for there are a lot of dangers in the place and that includes traps set by hunters! Patricia looked around and after a few hours she was slowly losing hope, but then when she found a strange wooden house there which she wasn't expecting to find, she realized that her cat was actually inside the structure!

Patricia asked herself a lot after finding the place, why was her cat there and what is this house anyways? Who owns it? It seems that it isn't occupied at the moment, but it looks like it hadn't been a while ever since a person was in there. Still, Patricia's cat is in it and because she doesn't know the place or who it belongs to, she needs to get her cat out of there before the critter destroys something and the problem might get worst. Escape players, come and help Patricia rescue her cat here as quickly as possible using the best of your skills and logic.

Kitty Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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