Mission Mars – Find The Martian

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Aaron really expected for aliens to be green, but this one hiding in his house though wasn’t, it was more of in the gray side. This being is currently hiding in refuge in a room in his house for people who wants to discover and experiment on it are currently after it.

Aaron keeps this alien safe in his home which is now kind of his friend. That day, the alien decided to go out for it is now dark and it can hid itself in the darkness. But there was a problem in the room though and it couldn’t get out! Escape players, something is happening there and Aaron has no clue what’s causing it. Would you like to help then so that the alien can be freed?

Mission Mars – Find The Martian is the newest point-and-click indoor extraterrestrial escape game from 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Mission Mars – Find The Martian

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