Secret Gift For Girlfriend

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As one of the staff there in the luxurious and romantic beach resort, Benny can confirm that this place is very good for dates and just about any celebration one can think of. And because Benny had been on the job there for almost a decade now, he has seen it all. That day, he was catering this two clients who were celebrating their anniversary, it must begin and end romantically so Benny is on his foot here making that happen.

As Benny was doing a pretty good job though there was a problem, for something changed in the plan and the mister of the couple needs that secret gift now! Okay, Benny can adjust to that, but he needs a few minutes though so he can get it from the safety box where it is kept. Escape players, Benny knows he cannot do this fast enough so he is going to need some help. Will you help him then so that the retrieval of the secret gift can be smooth?

Secret Gift For Girlfriend is a new point-and-click item retrieval beach game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Secret Gift For Girlfriend

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