Save The Women Bird Game

Save The Women Bird

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You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw a flock of women birds flying above you. You were at the farm back then. It was located somewhere the GPS might have a hard time finding. Your parents bought this property hoping to develop it into a vacation house. But they were still saving money for it. So in the mean time, your playground was the forest a few kilometers away from it. Your parents used to accompany you there. But when you grew older, you spent most of your time there. Sometimes you'd bring your books along. Other times, you would bring your art supplies. And you'd always wonder where they were when it was time for you to go home. The things you lost would always return a week after. The books would have small folds and your art supplies used.

You decided to do some investigation. So one day, you pretended to be asleep to see who was taking your things. And that was when you saw the women bird. They became your friends and they let you watch them take flight. But it seemed like you were not the only human interested in them. And they found themselves in danger. Play Save The Women Bird outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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