Excellent House Escape Game

Excellent House Escape

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Your friend was trying to make a name in the interior design industry. He would offer his services to your other friends. Then he would ask them to post the pictures of his work in social media with his name on it. You did this for him a couple of times as he worked on several areas in your home. However, he wanted to have a bigger audience so more people would know him. To do this, he would take on projects from clients and would ask them to promote his works as well. Then again, not everyone was up for it. So he would ask you to accompany him and take pictures of the houses. Some owners were helpful, others could be awful. But it was a fun experience all the same. And you could feel that your friend was slowly making it to his goal.

Your name was dragged along as well. He wanted to have your name as the photographer and share the advantages. One of his clients invited him back to the house to take pictures of his works. Your friend was a bit hesitant. Yet he accepted the offer. Then something came up in his schedule and you had to go there alone. You were up for it. But not much with the challenges it posed. Play Excellent House Escape room escape game by Online Gamez World.

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