Luxury Home Escape Episode 1 Game

Luxury Home Escape Episode 1

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A luxury home stood in the middle of your neighborhood. You first saw it when you lost your way home while jogging. You weren't very familiar with the roads back then. Yet you still decided to jog around since you could just ask the people around for directions. That was when you saw the house. It was huge. And had such a luxurious feel. However, you could sense loneliness around it. You wondered about the owner when one of your neighbors called you and invited you over to their house. You followed him home and didn't get to see the owner. Your mind still stayed with the house. So you asked your neighbor about it. He said nobody really knew the owner of the property. No one entered and left the place. But it seemed like someone was taking care of it.

This got your curiosity awakened. You felt like you just had to unravel the mystery surrounding the area. So you decided to find the owners and talk to them yourself. You went back to the house and tried to knock on the door. The door just swung open. You called out for somebody but nobody replied. Then you slowly set foot inside the house to see who opened it for you. But you were shoved deeper into the house as the door closed. Play Luxury Home Escape Episode 1 room escape game by Mouse City.


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