Phoenix Bird Forest Escape Game

Phoenix Bird Forest Escape

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You were such a Potterhead that your room looked like a room at Hogwarts. You spent so much to make it look like the ones in the books. Your parents were quiet supportive since you didn't ask for anything else. And you were very willing to accept anything. But as long as it was related to wizards. However, you began to feel the need to really go to the school. You set your eyes on the one that was in Japan. Then again, you had no idea how you would be able to get there. You were a country apart with visa as security measure. And the money needed to be there and stay there was quite huge. So you just made this your motivation to live with the muggles until you were ready to enter the place where you should be.

One day, your parents knocked on the door of your room. It was early in the morning and you thought you forgot about something. But they entered smiling as they handed you an envelop. You looked at it and instantly understood that the time had come for you to be in the wizarding school. So many things happened since then. But one of the greatest adventures for you was searching for the phoenix. Play Phoenix Bird Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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