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Save The Pumpkin Man

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It's the Halloween season but not everyone wants it. In fact, most of the people are afraid of Halloween. But not you. You think that Halloween is exciting and your favorite thing to see is the pumpkin man. However, the pumpkin man is not present this Halloween. This seems impossible because he is a main cast of the Halloween. So, you went to the forest to find him. To your surprise, he is inside a cage. He said that villagers locked him up in there because they are afraid of him. He seems harmless and all he wants to do is to spice up the Halloween. The season is not complete without him so you have to help him to escape. You have to gather items that you can use to unlock the cage. Because of that, you have to roam around to find those items.

Another thing that you have to find are clues that can help you to solve the puzzles that you will encounter along the way. The Halloween is about to end so you have to Save The Pumpkin Man as soon as possible. This brand new outdoor escape game is another one from WoW Escape. Enjoy!

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