Save The Halloween Pumpkin

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You recently discovered that you had a power. You were sitting at home reading when the lights when on and off. It was due to the strong winds hitting against the power lines. Your candles were ready at the table just in case the lights go off. However, you forgot to place the matchsticks beside it. The lights were on only for a couple of minutes. Then it turned on and off once more. You were frustrated that you pictured the candles to burn. Surprisingly, it did. You couldn’t believe your eyes. But starting that night, creatures you thought never existed started visiting you. They were hoping you could connect the world between supernatural creatures and humans. You felt this was such a heavy weight to carry. But you didn’t disagree with them. Instead, you also wished you could fulfill this mission.

One day, one of the creatures living with you inside your home asked for your help. It was Halloween season and some of their friends were turned into a pumpkin and brought to a forest. A strange power brought them there and kept them trapped. You need to get there before something worse happens to the pumpkins. Play Save The Halloween Pumpkin outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.