Halloween Cake Shop Escape Game

Halloween Cake Shop Escape

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Your friends informed you late about getting a Halloween themed cake. It was the day before Halloween and the cake shops were all sold out of cakes. You didn't want to disappoint your friends. So you spent the whole day looking for someone who'll take your order. However, it seemed like everyone else was busy. The thought of making your own cake entered your mind. Then again, you may just end up wasting your time. You were about to give up when you saw an unfamiliar shop. You looked at your map to check but it wasn't registered there. Still this could be your only hope. So you went inside to ask for a cake. A lovely old lady faced you and accepted your order. She told you to just wait and so you did. You looked around the shop and it seemed like a legit cake shop to you.

It was already half an hour after the lady faced you. You called out to her to check if the cake was ready. No sweet smell came from the back so it made you curious. However, when you looked around, you were alone. No one came in and out of the shop. Play Halloween Cake Shop Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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