Save The Exmoor Pony Game

Save The Exmoor Pony

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Your mood was way up because of a good night's sleep. It was the weekend. And you had extra hours of sleep. You felt like it helped you regain the energy you lost throughout the week. You wanted to sleep a lot more but you knew staying inside the house would just make you feel lazy. So you freshened up and immediately went out to face the bright sunshine. You chose to go to a nearby park. Your small work space made you feel like you were in a tank. The wide space around you made you feel so free once more. One of your friends with his dog was in the park as well. He came up to you and talked for a while. He mentioned something about the Exmoor Pony. You had no idea about it so you asked for more information.

It turned out that the pony had been missing in the last few weeks. And was last seen in the park. You had nothing else to do. And you thought that looking for the pony would be such a worthwhile activity. So off you explored the park in search for the animal. Play Save The Exmoor Pony outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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