National Enchanted Forest Escape Game

National Enchanted Forest Escape

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This forest was once just an ordinary forest. But after a television crew picked up some weird stuffs with their camera, people started buzzing about it. This forest was just a few minutes away from your house. You actually picked the location of your house because of the forest. Nature had always been your best friend and living so close to it was such a treat. But after the weird stuffs came into the television, your peace was somehow disturbed. People started flocking to the forest and the noise from the vehicles seemed endless. Fortunately, the thrill slowly died down after a couple of months. Yet it stayed alive for you. After people lost their interest on the location, you started visiting it often bringing your own camera. You still capture weird stuffs every now and then. And you even built a gallery for them.

You dared not tell your friends about your trip to the National Enchanted Forest. They couldn't really keep their mouths shut. So telling them would risk the peacefulness of the forest once more and you couldn't accept that. However, not telling them meant having to escape on your own when you lose your way. Play National Enchanted Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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