Save The Boy From Psycho Ghost Game

Save The Boy From Psycho Ghost

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Cyril went to a remote village to do his research of the community there and throughout the three-day stay of his in the place, he had learned a lot. But at the last day when he was about to leave however, he was told that the village actually had an ancient ruins located nearby but nobody goes there for a spirit resides in that area which can become very violent. Won't it be exciting says Cyril in his mind, so even though it wasn't recommended to go there, he still did for a little side-adventure and fun! Little did he know however that he will face something very different there.

Cyril went to the area and he saw the old beams there from the houses before, it was slightly interesting and the spirit they were talking about wasn't even letting its presence known, probably scared of him or something. But then he saw it and actually, it was trapping a boy in a house! Cyril quickly knew about this for the energy from the being was enough to send him a message. Cyril backed-off for a moment to recuperate from the boom of energy, he needs to rescue that boy for he was sure that was a real kid who was in-need of help. Escape players, this is going to be a potentially dangerous rescue here and a new one indeed, will you be able to get the kid out safely from the horrors he is experiencing and away from that dangerous spirit? Place yourself on Cyril here and of absolutely do your best!

Save The Boy From Psycho Ghost is a brand new point and click spooky rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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