Ruler Owl Escape Game

Ruler Owl Escape

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The most heavily populated town had finally been brought to its knees for it had been spiraling-down ever since. Now the one that rules the place is the great owl which was a strange being living in the forest and is a great protector, technically the town is standing on the land which the owl possesses, so it might be trying to save the town or something. As a mischievous kid, David knows the owl for he goes into the town from time to time for an adventure, he meets with the owl every so and all is fine, but on his visit however that day, something was not okay and the owl was in deep need of assistance!

The ruler owl was being expunged by strange people and at the moment, they are closing-in from the shadows and the owl have already fought them back, but it seems they have powers the owl haven't seen before! Looks like the owl can't be king of this territory for now but he will return for right-now David decided to accept the request of the ruler owl and he is trying to get it out of the place. Escape players, will you play as David here and see if you can help the owl out of the town?

Ruler Owl Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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