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Eternal Enigma 01

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Chris decided to give himself a challenge, that day he visited his grandmother at her house in the enchanted and secret area of the wilderness, his grandmother wasn't actually a normal person and that's why she lives there so that nobody can find her. Because the sun had already gone down, Chris decided to stay in one of the wooden cabins near his grandmother's and he wouldn't take it easily just that, he is the type of person who challenges himself so he decided that he'll figure it out on how to enter the house he was given without the help of his grandmother!

It's going to be difficult for there could be magic on the place and most likely there is, will Chris be able to escape from the outdoors and make it inside the house before the coldness of the night sets-in? Escape players, come and join Chris here then and or better yet, play as him and take the challenge yourself! Use your skills and logic here everyone for the place will have magic and you might find it difficult to come against that.

Eternal Enigma 01 is a brand new point and click escape game released by 5n Games.

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