Roaring Tiger Escape Game

Roaring Tiger Escape

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Roaring Tiger Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Avm Games. Try your best to rescue a majestic tiger here in the beach area. Enjoy!

There was this tiger which was monstrous in size from normal tigers and that animal lives in the coastal areas of beach city. People would stay-clear of the big cat from fear of being attacked by the animal, but in actuality, the tiger was more like a house cat for it cherishes people and just plays with its owners just like a normal pet cat would. The tiger is owned by Camille and she got it as a cub from her uncle who owns the city's zoo, from then on the tiger had been gentle and caused not a single damage to anyone but well, she can't say so for properties though for the tiger was kind of playful. Everything was good throughout the years, but one day something happened and it's definitely a first for a long time.

Everyone in the coastal area locked their doors for Camille just lost her tiger and it could be anywhere by now! Camille called and called looking for her tiger all afternoon until at last, she had a breakthrough, but still Camille and her tiger is not out of the woods just yet. The tiger was actually trapped inside one of the wooden houses in the area and it's good that the house is not occupied at the moment, but the animal can still destroy the insides of the place in her struggle to escape. Camille needs to get her cat out of there before it hurts herself, care to join in on the animal rescue attempt here for the trapped tiger? Good luck then everybody!

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