Rescue The Tiger Game

Rescue The Tiger

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Rescue The Tiger is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games for another daring rescue attempt in the lush jungle. Have Fun!

The jungle is quite thick and lush of vegetation, that's good for jungle predators needs those in their way of living, stalking prey and hiding from creatures like humans. One day, Omar traversed that same jungle so he can reach the next base-camp which was an hour hikes away, he is very much careful on his journey there, for he knows that there are wild big cats in the area like black panthers and tigers. He doesn't want to be stalked by such creatures and he needs to see them first or they will continue on stalking, but as he passed in an area however, he did find a tiger but it wasn't in a dangerous stance though, the thing was actually in danger.

That tiger which Omar saw was just sitting and waiting inside a poacher's cage! And by its body-language, the creature might have been trapped there for some time now. Because poaching is illegal here, that tiger must be freed quickly before the creature starves to death and or before those poachers who set the trap returns. Will Omar have the courage to free the tiger from being locked in that cage? Escape players, join in the rescue attempt here in the jungle, see if you can free the wild tiger without you or it getting hurt. Good luck!

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