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Rescue The Yak

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Roman is somewhat an iconic man in the wilderness, for wherever he goes he brings his yak and the creature was bigger than a normal yak. He brings his yak everywhere and most especially when he brings his sheep to the grassland to graze, his yak grazes too and at the same time he combs the woolly hair of the beast loose so that no mud and dirt entangles it. Roman cares for his yak so much, but not all of the time however the animal is safe, for one day something mysterious happened to it and Roman just flipped-out!

Roman's yak was missing and upon realizing that, he set-out immediately looking for clues and just about anything that can help him track the animal down. Something might be on here, for his yak does not have a habit of just leaving suddenly. And so Roman continued tracking the signs until that led him to the small village nearby. Roman pondered, why here? The people in this place are peaceful and nobody would dare do something unspeakable, that's when Roman continued to follow the signs until he was led to a house there which was locked! Roman knows that his yak is inside for he can hear it, he needs to get it out now for he is having a bad feeling about this. Escape players, Roman is currently having a hard-time getting his yak out from a house there, nobody seems to be around so will you give him a hand and with haste?

Rescue The Yak is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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