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Rescue The Owl
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One of Ringo's messenger owls has a very strange color and that same owl is the best in quick message delivering across vast forest lands, but he can only use it during the night for owls are nocturnal and that one has some pinkish to red tinge which is a dead giveaway under the sun. One night, Ringo sent a message to another watchtower and that was a few hours ago, but still his owl hadn't returned yet and he thought something might have happened to it! It is very likely so he decided to assign his assistant to cover for him temporarily as he goes and find his owl.

Ringo traveled by horse into the night and followed the path which the owl usually takes. That led him to a strange house along the way which he hadn't seen before. Does this house belong to anybody? It seems so and it looks new but nobody is currently residing in it. Ringo scanned the place calmly, that's until he found his owl inside a cage attached on the side of that house and that really broke the calmness! Of course Ringo quickly moved to rescue his owl but it seems that the cage was sturdy enough to go against his initial advances. Ringo will not stop until he rescues his unusually colored owl there for it is his greatest asset. Escape players, will you help him out so he can then leave with his treasured owl before somebody comes?

Rescue The Owl is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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