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Find The Torch Light

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There was going to be a power outage tonight and everybody should prepare before that time comes, to get prepared for that Merle readied batteries, a radio, food, water, LED lights and torches. Merle got himself ready too for nobody knows when the outage will be over, as he was getting everything ready, he realized he missed a torch light and because he needs all the torches in his house so that he won't spend a dark night in his home and probably more nights thereafter, he needs to find it. Worst case scenario for that is when he scrambles in the dark in his house searching for stuff there.

Escape players, Merle needs every torch that he has and that includes the one that is missing, will you be able to help him find it somewhere in his house before the schedule finally arrives. Place yourself on the shoes of Merle here then, look inside every cabinet and drawer there and maybe it's just laying around away from his sight.

Come and try your skills and logic here on this challenge for fun! Find The Torch Light is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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