Rescue The Man From Dilapidated House

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There is a dilapidated house at the edge of the forest there and it’s weird, for most people think the area where it stands is absolutely beneficial in many aspects for its inhabitants. It’s near flowing water, it was near a well, it has a great vantage point of everything which will work wondrously for hunters. That day Billy went there for he would like to find-out why, as he saw the place he thought there was nothing that could make people leave from there, he was eager to find something, and at some point he did and it’s totally unrelated to what he was expecting to uncover there.

Billy found a boy under the well! He was alive and is screaming for help when he saw him! He seems weak now and immediately Billy sprung into action just to save him. Billy have no idea why he is down there and actually who this boy was, but he’ll rescue him for he needs help and only then his questions will be answered. Escape players, want to help Billy here on this rescue for at the moment he is currently alone there?

Rescue The Man From Dilapidated House is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Man From Dilapidated House

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