Wilderness Man Rescue

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Harry very much knows that there is a wild man living near his area in the wilderness for they are friends and he had built his house where he lives now. As a carpenter, Harry very much knows what he is doing concerning structures, but that day though this wild man needs help for he got trapped in that very house he made!

It’s a good thing Harry went to him that day to deliver him some fruits, he found him trapped and he doesn’t know how long have he been so! He just hopes it hadn’t been too long for if anything happens to his primitive friend there, then he’ll definitely be down for he blames himself for this. Escape players, come and help Harry with this problem at the moment so that he can safely get his wild friend out.

Wilderness Man Rescue is a new point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Wilderness Man Rescue

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