House Keeping Laura Escape

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Ariel went to her friend’s house and anticipated her there for she still has a long way to go before getting back home. That’s why Ariel decided to just go to her house first so she can be there when she arrives. So they talked on the phone and she said to just call Laura her housekeeper when she arrives. Ariel got to the place and Laura welcomed her, she even offered her snacks and kept her company, but that’s only for a moment for she still has a lot to do so she got to it. Ariel was just sitting there waiting for her friend now, but suddenly she stood up for she heard Laura calling for help from one of the rooms there!

Her call was not really relaxed she sounded concerned and a bit scared, that’s why Ariel went to check on her, and that’s when she found Laura trapped in a room! Looks like a real problem there, but the concern was Ariel having no idea how to free her for she doesn’t know what’s exactly happening here. Still she is going to help, and she is going to start in finding the key to that door. Escape players, imagine you are Ariel here and rescuing Laura is in your hands. Will you be able to safely free Laura?

House Keeping Laura Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for House Keeping Laura Escape

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