Rescue The Blue Bird 2

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This time escape players, we will be joining Kurt who was just roaming around the forest, he is from the village nearby and he makes his living out of foraging herbs which he can then sell there. But that day though, he found a cage on a tree and in it was a blue bird! It was one of those rare birds that flies around the forest, but why is it inside a cage?

As Kurt looks, he thinks this could be a mistake and this might be an accidental capture. Okay then, maybe he’ll free it and set this trap again? For it does look like a trap now. Escape players, Kurt doesn’t want to bother with anybody’s business here, but he will try to get this blue bird out for there is a rule at the village to never capture them for there are very little of them now. Will you help Kurt here then so that the bird can be freed quickly?

Rescue The Blue Bird 2 is the newest point-and-click animal escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad. This game is a part of the first one as the start of the series.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Blue Bird 2

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