Rescue The Attractive Girl Game

Rescue The Attractive Girl

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As a local living in the village in the forest, Vic as well as his village people neighbors are really working hard to feed themselves and their families, for the place is far from any civilization and there are only a few clearings in the place for farmlands. Vic is only a young kid but he is already doing his fair-share of work for they need all the help that they can get. One day however, Vic noticed this mysterious young lady who was wearing a red robe and she can't be missed really with that, Vic noticed she was pretty too and as he looked what was she doing in the village, he fell in love with her for she was also good at heart.

Vic kept seeing the girl for weeks and she just keeps giving food and provision to the old people, where was this girl from? And why was she so kind? Vic was shy to try and talk to her but one day, the universe made a way for them, for the girl needed help one day and it so happens Vic was near the area when she did! The girl was having trouble with something for she seems to be lost. Well the village Vic lives in is struggling, but strangers can very well still get lost in there for the area was quite vast. Escape players, Vic is going to help the girl not only because he likes her, but somebody needs help there and he must respond. Will you help Vic as well with the problem there? For there seems to be more than just the girl getting lost.

Rescue The Attractive Girl is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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