Condominium Room Escape Game

Condominium Room Escape

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Tommy's new apartment is not really luxurious and extravagant, but it is classy and that's why he took it and quickly too for the building has a promo and the price for the next three months will be very affordable! That was a few weeks ago and Tommy was now living in the place for a month, he had already started to redecorate but still the place looks kind of barren, it's going to need more decors then but as Tommy was planning to leave so he can buy more hardware stuff for his room, he realized he could not for his doors seems to be jammed!

Tommy started to think what was going-on in his place, maybe he didn't pay or something and that's why he was barred? Well he did a few days ago and it was already affordable, there is no way he cannot pay that month, that only means something else is going-on in the place and he needs to fix that of course. Tommy decided he'll fix this first and if he can't then he'll call somebody then, but he thinks he can with a little help of course and that is from you escape players. Come and join in the escape here everyone with Tommy, try not to destroy anything there for he is trying his best to make his new room beautiful.

Condominium Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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