Enchanting Boy Escape Game

Enchanting Boy Escape

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Lola was called-in again to a house in the neighborhood for babysitting duty, she was assigned to this kid who wasn't really a normal kid, for the boy has magical powers! Lola have known this for a while now for she had been babysitting the kid countless of times through an entire year, Lola was very amazed of what the kid can do but by the looks of it, his capabilities are still pretty basic and that's why Lola helps him train for that. Lola doesn't really know what she is doing, but she have already watched too many movies about magic and she has a rough idea of how to enhance the kid's powers. That day however as Lola arrives at the boy's house, they'll have another challenge and it's kind of serious!

As Lola bids goodbye to the kid's mother and entered the house, she immediately heard the boy cry for help and she thought it was just a prank or something, but actually he was really trapped! Lola tried to analyze why he can't use his powers to solve the problem, for they have already practiced the technique of teleportation. Maybe somebody or something is blocking him? Well whatever this is, Lola is already involved and because she was already a friend of the kid, she'll definitely rescue him. Escape players, will you help-out on the rescue here with Lola for the boy who was trapped?

Enchanting Boy Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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