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Rescue The Astronomer

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Aldrin is waiting for his back-up to arrive for he is first to arrive in a rocky planet somewhere in a different solar system and in a few Earth days now he will come with all the equipment they need for in a place far away from home, every small thing must be looked at as well as used. A few hours later, the ship arrived but it seems to be unstable though, so Aldrin calculated its trajectory and traveled to where the spaceship he thinks will be for if anything happens, he can respond quickly.

And so, the spaceship crash-landed in a very rough terrain and stopped without an explosion, that's good but he still needs to get to it for if his fellow astronaut is hurt then he'll need help. Aldrin is now in-front of the spaceship and it's a first he'll see somebody else after 2 Earth years of staying on the rock, but he needs to get him out first though and quickly. Escape players, Aldrin is going to try and rescue the person who is going to be his help there for a lot of systems have broken-down after the years from inside his space vehicle. Care to join Aldrin and see if you can get the person out of the ship safely?

Rescue The Astronomer is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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