Escape From Luxury House Game

Escape From Luxury House

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Naomi woke-up and found herself not in her house at the village out of town, but in a luxurious place which wasn't even familiar to her! Naomi really tried to remember what happened the night prior, is she a guest there? But all she can recall was her sleeping in her room and now what she is seeing is a beautiful house and she knows then she is no longer in her village, for the area doesn't have an abode such as this. Naomi called for anybody especially for the owner of the place, no response, just silence and the feeling that she is really alone there. Naomi immediately stood-up and head to the door as she saw it, but then another problem surfaced and it's one that she really didn't want happening.

Naomi could not open the door! She then quickly got the feeling that she is being held against her will there and her flight response is really showing now. Naomi needs to escape for this is already confusing to her and it's also escalating as time passes. Escape players, will you help her out to escape by placing yourself on her shoes? Go ahead then, see if you can escape with everything you have and find.

Escape From Luxury House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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