Rescue Man From Prison

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Toby needs to rescue his friend after he had been wrongly accused of a crime which of course he did not commit. Right-now the legalities that Toby did just to get his friend out are not working at all, he needs to get him out for he needs his help so he can truly catch the real perpetrator. Toby needs the strength of his friend now and definitely his friend also needs him, for he is not being held in some normal prison, but in a dark dungeon!

Toby definitely snapped when he heard about this, it can only mean one thing too and they could be torturing him. That of course pushed Toby even more to rescue his friend for he knows there is no other way than this. Escape players, you are now Toby here and you need to be cunning and quick as a ninja, for you have no idea how tight security is in the place where Toby’s friend is being held. You need to enter there, rescue his friend, and then leave without being detected. It’s a tough attempt but you have to try. Will you get this dangerous challenge done successfully? It’s okay to be scared now for the place can really get people off the edge.

Rescue Man From Prison is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.