Boyfriend Gift Card Escape Game

Boyfriend Gift Card Escape

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Richard was with his sister walking in the streets for they are heading to her boyfriend's house. Richard is only going with her for the area haven't been safe lately and because his sister is quite the woman, Richard must be there if something happens. After a few minutes of walking they finally arrived, he was quite ready to leave now for he has a lot of things to do back home. But well there had been an issue right at the moment he was about to though, and it's in the most unlikeliest part they will both come to realize.

The boyfriend is actually trapped in his own home! Richard's sister was then worried and he saw it in her eyes. Well what's Richard going to do here then but to help for technically, this is a something that happened while he was still there. Richard managed to enter through an impassible path but he was able to wriggle himself in, now he'll help by trying to budge the door and lucky for the guy he knows a thing or two about locks. Escape players, you are now Richard here and you'll need to get her sister's boyfriend out of his own home, will you be able to make that escape and quickly for time is wasting here for Richard?

Boyfriend Gift Card Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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