Pumpkin Harvest Garden Escape Game

Pumpkin Harvest Garden Escape

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Come over here escape players and try this challenge out! Pumpkin Harvest Garden Escape is the newest point and click awesome escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun!

The land is now devoid of pumpkins for the people have harvested them all for Halloween decorations, not even the luxurious garden here has some pumpkins to spare, well Cynthia had to try for she is getting even desperate when she doesn't find one for her decor at home. Her mom is definitely going to be sad that she didn't find any, that's why she decided to push even further into the garden and maybe she'll really find one decent enough for her purposes. Well that only ended in an unfortunate fate however, for she got lost in the garden and because it is such a vast area, it might get dark and she haven't found her way out yet.

Escape players, Cynthia here is lost in the luxurious garden here looking for pumpkins under the brush, care to join her and see if you can all escape the place before Halloween's eve kicks off? Good luck then, keep your eyes open for clues which can help you get out safely. Have fun!

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