Halloween Escape - 3 Game

Halloween Escape - 3

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Join us once again here on this Halloween adventure series. Halloween Escape - 3 is brand new point and click escape game released by Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as a starting-point of the series. Have Fun!

Halloween showcases spooks and scares of different creatures from the darkness, well that's just another event concerning about it. The occasion also shows a pretty secret thing and it only applies when that evening finally arrives. According to legend, there are precious Halloween items which only appears in a time where every kid is out trick-or-treating, after then the objects disappear for a year. At the moment, nobody has ever found even just one of those precious things, neither does Nestor who had dedicated years in his study just to get to those items, and that evening he was finally ready.

The first item in his book was located in a cornfield which was definitely creepy! The moon is also giving that spooky vibe but well, Nestor is more interested in the treasures than him being scared of what's hiding in the tall grass, will he be able to find what he was looking for before this chance of his finally ends? Escape players, Halloween only comes once per year, care to join in with Nestor and see if you can all find the Halloween things which was hidden from people? Good luck!

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