Private Forest House Escape Game

Private Forest House Escape
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Gordon retired in his private island where his private house was alone and nobody with him, he just wants to be in the middle of nowhere by himself for the pressures in the city are starting to give him some discomfort. Sometimes being alone can be good but he plans not to stay long there for he knows humans are social creatures and contact with other people is always healthy. That day, Gordon was in his house thinking about stuff and clearing his mind, but somehow that day his place gave him a little activity and he wasn't expecting that.

Gordon could not get himself out of his home anymore for the doors were mysteriously locked! Of course for him this ain't an activity, it's more like a problem that needs to be solved before it gets worst. Escape players, want to join in the escape here with Gordon in his home and see if you can solve the problem whatever this is? Go ahead then, use your skills and logic as well as stay alert for all you know somebody might be actually doing this on purpose and know there won't be any rescue coming.

Private Forest House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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