Forest House Girl Escape

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There is one luxurious house standing in all of this wilderness and it really stands-out from everything else, most especially for its color is mostly white. As another resident in this wilderness but lives in a small cabin, Johnny knows the owner of the house and his family too. He sometimes even helps them when they needed extra muscle and they respect each other there. That’s why that day when Johnny passed by their area for he is currently out hunting, he realized there was a problem in that residence for there was someone calling for help!

Johnny heard that and quickly went to the place for the voice sounded desperate. The call for help was actually coming from one of the daughters of the family and she is trapped there alone! Johnny was absolutely confused what was happening, but the little girl was thankful that he heard her, now she needs help to get out for she is in this trouble. Johnny still doesn’t understand what was happening, why was the daughter alone in the house and is trapped? But she will help her though for she needs it. The girl directed Johnny of a hidden key somewhere outside the house and he needs to retrieve it for that is the only thing that can open the door there now. Okay then, Johnny is going to do just that so he can help here. Escape players, want to help on this as well so that the girl can be moved safely out?

Forest House Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Forest House Girl Escape

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