Rescue The Lion (Top 10 New Games) Game

Rescue The Lion (Top 10 New Games)

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Shane was on the hunt for mushrooms that day in the forest for he wanted some mushroom soup and besides, his supplies had run-out due to natural rotting mostly, so it's time to get some more. Along the way, Shane noticed something on the trail which wasn't typical at all, he saw big cat tracks and it's very unusual for even though the area is the same geographical location where big cats are endemic, it's it too far and he knows there aren't dangerous predatory animals in the place. But as he followed it however for he was curious, that led him to a cage and inside it was a lion!

Shane found a male lion inside what looks like a hunter's cage, that is the first-time he saw something very weird in the place. Shane didn't really know what to do for he was confused how a mainly African animal could get as far as here? Well it's right there in front of him, he needs to do something even if he doesn't want to for he could get shot at. Escape players, play as Shane here and see what you can do in-order to help free the lion.

Rescue The Lion is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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