Shadow Forest House Escape

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Franco is starting to regret going in this land which was actually forbidden to enter. He really have made a wrong choice there and he is now regretting that. Franco needs to get out of this place now but he must try to at least get something from there before he busts his way out, and that will be coming from the lone scary old house that is standing there for he thinks there is something in that place which could be useful.

Franco found this place scary and dark, it is indeed absolutely scary and dark, that’s why it is forbidden. Franco is not surprised to get his just deserts there for he really did not follow the rules there, but as much as possible he must lessen the results of his actions here by trying hard to find his way out of the place. Escape players, imagine you are Franco here and you are now struggling to escape for it seems that the place doesn’t really want to free you. Will you be able to fight this dark land then and escape?

Shadow Forest House Escape is another new point and click scary wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Shadow Forest House Escape

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