Placid House Escape

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The house which is just standing innocently in the middle of the neighborhood is one of a kind, for it is quite different than its neighboring houses and everybody just leave the place alone. The house has a long history and through that, it just can’t hold new residents for too long thanks to its strange ability of playing with them! The house kind of has a mind of its own and one of its most favorite things to pull on its inhabitants, is to trap them in and force them to solve puzzles so they can escape! It doesn’t happen immediately though, it’s until a resident lives there for more than a week and sometimes even a month. Residents cannot handle such almost everyday so they just leave the house.

That day, Arnold wanted to find-out what makes the place tick even though he cannot be sure that he’ll be trapped in there for most happenings only occur when residents stays for too long in the house. But Arnold will be proven wrong there though, for he will experience the challenges of the place right as he entered it to investigate! Guess the house didn’t have anybody to test with and it might be itching for someone right-now. Escape players, Arnold is going to be in that challenge soon, will you be able to help him solve the challenges he will be facing? Be smart on the puzzles now or the house won’t let you out.

Placid House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.