Adroit Karate Man Escape Game

Adroit Karate Man Escape

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Once this adroit martial-artist had been ridiculed when he first came to town for he was different. The town was coastal so most people there are sailors who knows a lot about skepticism, alcohol, and jokes. Still the man kept his stand and even got a room there, in that place he will be teaching his first students the art of graceful self-defense. The man was fascinating at keeping his focus especially in battle, he had proven that many times by dealing with the monthly hooligans there who comes to town, that in turn was why the locals respects him now and he was now one of them.

As a local there as well, Roan knows him definitely and he was even his buddy for he had saved his life once. Now that day Roan will be doing the rescuing, for he just discovered that his friend was trapped inside his own room! He was calling for help and it was weird, for he had never shown weakness like this and would always solve his own problems. Maybe he had the last straw? Or maybe he was testing people again? Well whatever this is, as a good gesture he'll help him just so he can find-out what's happening for he is sure he can get himself out of there. Escape players, imagine you are Roan here now, will you be able to rescue the town's famous karate man?

Adroit Karate Man Escape is a new rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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