Eccentric Parrot Escape Game

Eccentric Parrot Escape

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There was this one very exquisite looking parrot in the town and it was the only one in the area for it's not endemic in the place. It sports very nice colors and as everyone would not expect, it has talent as well! The parrot is better at mimicking than any parrot out there, for it is capable of full conversations! Not as good as a human though, but it is quite the bird and it's very different. People have talked to it as well and some would say it was rather eccentric at times, most of the time it was joyous though. It was one valuable pet which Richard takes care of, come to think of it he didn't even want it at first, but he was pushed before so he had no choice, he raised it from a chick and the rest was history.

That day, Richard is quite concerned however for he could no longer find that parrot of his and it has been a day since he last saw it! Richard lets the bird fly around without concern for everybody knows it and him too, but there is still a possibility of it being stolen by outsiders and right-now that's his main concern. Well escape players, his concerns are of in vain, for his parrot is just trapped in a house there and needs a rescue. Still that is of concern, so will you help Richard here get it out? It must be very hungry now so be quick on this as well.

Eccentric Parrot Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.


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