Pinky Princess Escape

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The kingdom have become very unstable recently, that’s why the king sent his children to different parts of the country just to keep them safe. As one of the kingdom’s elite men, Nathaniel has the princess on his side, she is being kept inside a classic suburban house and only a few personnel knows about it and they are guarding the place. Things have been uneventful aside from the royal family’s seat which were all the action was, but that day Nathaniel was very much unsuspecting of the trouble which will come and it involves the princess!

Nathaniel was on his short rounds around the house again, but when she passed by the room of the princess, he heard her screams for help! Immediately Nathaniel asked what was happening and why was she screaming? She said the door is locked and she couldn’t open it, but that’s not the full reason as Nathaniel sees it, for he thinks there must be something in the room that is scaring her. As his job, Nathaniel must respond right-now and keep the princess safe, but at the moment he is having a hard-time trying to open the door for it seems to be tightly jammed! Nathaniel have no idea what’s happening, but he’ll really get the princess out of there right now. Escape players, how will you do this if you were Nathaniel and a response for the princess must be done?

Pinky Princess Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.