Barred Owl Escape Game

Barred Owl Escape

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Finnegan has this little pet which was a barred owl and he lets it just fly around his house so it can be an animal even though it is confined. It is not allowed to go outside though for he still fears that the creature might not return when it does and on top of that, it seems too afraid to go out to the wilderness now. That day, Finnegan made a mistake and that got him very concerned for he was very careful in taking care of the animal, but still this happened under his watch.

Finnegan accidentally lost the key to the new cage he bought for the owl and now he can't open that contraption! That owl is inside and he really doesn't want to destroy the cage, so there is only one option now, and that is to continue in finding that key wherever that is in the house so that the owl can be freed and fed. Escape players, want to help Finnegan here find what he is looking for so he can free his pet now and safely?

Barred Owl Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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