Pink Room Girl Escape

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The room Stan decorated was for his daughter, it was mostly in pink and his daughter is going to absolutely like it. But as he was putting-up some of the finishing touches though, he seems to have encountered a problem, for he could no longer get out from there for the door was now mysteriously locked! Stan was confused for he doesn’t understand if he accidentally locked it earlier or this was entirely an accident and it’s without him getting involved, but he needs to get out of there for his daughter is in another part of the house there and if this is happening, then his daughter might get in trouble too if he doesn’t fix this soon.

Escape players, it’s a good thing Stan still has some of his tools there for he is fixing-up the place and he can absolutely use those to escape. Will you be able to help him though, that’s so for his chances there of escaping and fixing this problem will be a lot quicker? Go ahead then and try not to damage things there for Stan doesn’t want to repair them again.

Pink Room Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Escape.