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Pharma Factory

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Pharmacy is not an easy thing to study and once you graduate, you have to go through many researches. You must remember that you are a part of a medical team and you have a big role to fulfill. In fact, the life of your patient could be in your hands. Because of that, you see to it that you work hard about the quality control of the medicines that you are about to release. It takes time and effort for you to do this. You have to work extra hard but there is also time to rest. Now that the Pharma Factory is now close, you can now go home and take a rest for a bit. Rest is essential for you to recharge so you can work better and for you to think cleverly.

But seems like you have to stay in the factory for a little more time because the gate won't open. You are the only pharmacists in the building so you have to find your own way to escape. You are a good problem solver and you have to show it by escape from the Pharma Factory quickly. This brand new room escape game is made by NSR Games. Good luck!

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