Wine Factory Escape Game

Wine Factory Escape

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You saw a movie when you were very young where the characters had a very sweet memory with a wine. It was the wine they drank the night of their wedding. But after a few years they grew apart and the kids, who were twins, were separated. The movie gave you a whirlwind of emotions. However it was also the kind that made your childhood wonderful. Since then you wanted to visit a wine factory and maybe spot the wine that you saw in the movie. You wanted to know what it tasted like. Then an opportunity came. Your friend working abroad invited you to visit her. She knew you loved the movie. So she prepared a special tour of the movie locations. She even let you look for the wine that you saw in the movie. Your happiness blew the roof off and you immediately agreed.

One of the twins there rode a horse through the vineyard. You asked your friend if you could also do the same and she gladly agreed. You raced through the vineyard and reached the wine factory. Your friend left you there to explore on your own and to take your own time. You already explored the whole factory without spotting the wine from the movie and you also lost your way out. Play Wine Factory Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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